Tofino Wilderness Resort

Wildlife & Wilderness Adventures in BC

Our Story

Once called Quait Bay floating lodge, then Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, the recently refurbished and re-branded Tofino Wilderness Resort is thrilled to once again host wilderness adventures. Closed to the public since 2004, this picturesque Quait Bay location has transformed from a personal retreat to a premier resort. Tofino Wilderness Resort owners, Andre and Lin, have invested absolute heart into this project, and want to honor the property’s rich legacy, making this property a luxurious escape to fit any nature enthusiasts dream get-away.

Before Us

A Thousand Year Old Respect

The Nuu-Chah-nulth people have lived in harmony here for thousands of years.
We are but a blip on the timeline of Clayoquot Sound’s history.

The previous owner fell in love with this quiet slice of nirvana and bought the property in 1997. Most of the lumber used to renovate and build the property here at Quait Bay was milled on site from previously fallen timber, infusing a bit of history into the very fiber of the operation. Environmentally aware from the start, we are excited to continue to consider ourselves stewards of Clayoquot Sound.

The Early Years

Back in the 1920’s, the Darville family moved from Seattle to Quait Bay (then called Calm Creek) to build and operate a combination steam and water powered sawmill. They produced made-to-order lumber and fishing boats, and after a decade at the mill, John Darville moved to Tofino to further his boat building business. He leased the mill to another enterprising family, but the mill burned down during his absence, in the 1930’s. The rainforest reclaimed the land; moss, plant, and tree life slowly overtook most signs of settlement. You can still see relics of the mill here and there: glimmers from the not too distant past.

Temperate Rainforest

The temperate old-growth rainforest found on Vancouver Island is among the rarest ecosystems on the planet, covering less than 1% of the Earth’s surface. We are lucky to have such a pristine environment at our doorstep, and one so vital to the health of the Earth’s ecosystem.

Clayoquot Sound harbors many diverse plant and animal species, and the massive trees store carbon and clean the air. The refuge of this colossal canopy is vital to the community––animal and human alike. We intend to keep it this way: replicating the Nuu-Chah-nulth ideal of taking only what’s needed and always striving for leadership in land and wildlife preservation.