Tofino Wilderness Resort.

Coming Summer 2018

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Release Your Sense of Adventure

Just Twenty Minutes From Tofino

Quench your wanderlust with a trip to Quait Bay. Our off-the-grid, floating adventure lodge is hidden in a secret cove—home to acres of untouched forests and protected by staggering mountains. From our exclusive location, you will have access to some of Canada’s most prized natural treasures. Join us and embark on a remarkable adventure into the wilderness. It’s time to be free.

Featuring 16 private guest suits, a shoreline spa, and a luxury restaurant, Tofino Wilderness Resort embodies the natural beauty of the West Coast and welcomes adventurers, explorers, and eco-tourists looking to embark on an expedition of a lifetime.

Find Your Freedom At Tofino Wilderness Resort

Open Ocean and Shoreline excursions

Prepare for the best fishing Vancouver Island has to offer. Whether you want to sail out to the open ocean or experience the tranquillity of shoreline fishing, our expert guides will take you on an unforgettable excursion to productive fishing grounds and hidden waters teeming with salmon. Our fishing expeditions showcase the best Tofino has to offer and combine the peace of fishing with the thrill of adventure. 

Guided Bear Watching Tours

With acres of untouched forests, pristine rivers, and bountiful resources, it’s no surprise that Vancouver Island is known as “Black Bear Territory.” Our emerald island is home to a large population of black bears, and if you venture deep enough into our mysterious woods, on one of our guided tours, you will encounter black bears in their natural habitat. 

Whale Watching Expeditions

From April to November, the beautiful white-capped waters of Clayoquot Sound are home to over 200 Pacific Grey Whales, with some whales migrating to our waters as early as February.

From Tofino Wilderness Resort, you can embark on a whale watching expedition and observe some of our “local residents,” as well as catch a glimpse of Killer Whales and the occasional Humpback Whale. 

Something For Every Occasion

Whether you are looking for an intimate location to say “I do”, an escape from the city, a unique corporate retreat, or just a weekend-long fishing trip, Tofino Wilderness combines the beauty of the West Coast with adventure and luxury, making our floating lodge the perfect destination for any occasion. 


Our History

Previously closed to the public, this scenic Quait Bay location is once again open, transformed from a personal retreat into a premier luxury resort. Tofino Wilderness Resort owners, Andre and Lin, want to honour the property’s rich legacy and exclusivity and have invested in an extensive restoration project, making this floating property a luxurious escape fit for any nature enthusiast. 

Our Resort Includes



With 16 private guest suites to choose from, your luxurious adventure retreat starts here. Every morning you will wake up to the sight of Quait Bay’s remarkable mountains, rejuvenated by the remoteness of your location.



All vacation packages include complimentary meals at our in-house restaurant. Our ingenious chef serves fresh seasonal West Coast cuisine and concocts culinary pleasures using local ingredients. 

Bar and Lounge

Bar and Lounge

Tofino Wilderness Lodge is designed for adventure, but even we know everyone needs to relax. Enjoy our beautifully decorated lounge and grab a beer at our bar—it’s time to recharge. 

Aquatic Activities

Aquatic Activities

Enjoy the calm waters of our hidden cove from a new vantage point. Explore the shorelines, sea, and private lakes with the use of our complimentary kayaks, canoes, and more. 

Shoreline Spa

Shoreline Spa

Book yourself an appointment to see one of our experienced massage therapists and descend into a state of deep relaxation. Enjoy a moment of utter peace and allow yourself to relax into the stillness of your surroundings. 

Walking Trails

Walking Trails

With over 180 acres of walking trails to explore, the ancient forests of Quait Bay await. Experience nature in its most untouched form and take in the beauty of old growth trees, spawning streams, and private lakes—all yours for the taking. 

How to get here


Find your freedom at Tofino Wilderness Resort. Take the first step towards your next adventure and contact us today.